Menu icons

20:47 | 15 de maio de 2011
You can define icons for first level menu items. To use it please go to the menu items manager and in Mega menu plugin please specify suffix for menu item. I.e. “ icon-home” (with space at start). Available icons are visible at image: icon-home, icon-contact, icon-search, icon-cross, icon-right, icon-left, icon-joomla, icon-karate, icon-tabletennis, icon-weightlifting, icon-fencing, icon-cycling, icon-sledging, icon-bobsleight, icon-rowing, icon-shooting, icon-biathlon, icon-archery, icon-baseball, icon-swimming, icon-hockey, icon-wrestling, icon-boxing, icon-horseriding, icon-handball, icon-basketball, icon-figureskating, icon-running, icon-tennis, icon-badminton, icon-curling, icon-ski, icon-gymnastics, icon-volleyball, icon-soccer.

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